How Eating Different Foods can effect your sperm

What your sperm tastes like is a by-product of what type of food you consume. Althought this doesnt mean you collage guys semen is going to taste like Top Ramen and Soda pop. For example; sweet tasting food will make it taste sweet, and vice-versa. What foods you eat can effect your sperm in many ways. The most common way that food effects sperm is by changing the smell and flavor. If you want your sperm to taste better it has been said to stay away from meat and spicy foods, as well as foods containing garlic and onions. Also smoking and drinking alcohol can have a negative impact on sperm flavor.

ok, then what type of Foods should I eat to make my sperm taste better?

Pineapple and other fruits like kiwi, grapes, apples, and mango are all said to improve sperm flavor. These fruits effect sperm flavor mostly because of there high fructose content, some of which is filtered down into the reproductive system and can actually add a slighty sweet fruity flavor to sperm.

Eat Asparagus
The intake of vitamins, anti oxidants and other natural compounds found in this vegetable are essential in promoting healthy sperm production as well as helping the body metabolize certain nutrients more efficiently and raising fructose levels in the sperm by allowing your body to intake and utilize both glucose and fructose more readily in the reproductive system. while it is true that asparagus has been known to make an individuals urine smell funny, That's because it's so rich in vitamins and anti oxidants. The reason your pee smells funny is because your liver is overloaded and has filter the majority of these compounds out into the the bladder. However your sperm is not a waste product and that bodily function is handled much differently, asparagus has the opposite effect on sperm as it does on urine. This is because as well as containing a unique chemical called "-------". which actually helps the body intake and make better use of fructose. It also contains many unique chemicals that have been proven actually increase fertility. For more information about Asparagus and other ingredients found in Spermomax visit our ingredients page for a full breakdown if what's contained in spermomax and why it works.

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