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They also contain potent anti impotence ingredients similar to herbal viagra. Spermomax is the only Sperm Pill that increases both male virility and sperm count as well as helping men to get rock hard erections and achieve orgasms more frequently.

Spermomax does everything most prescription sex aids do and more. As well as increasing sperm volume and promoting healthy testosterone production. These sperm pills contain time tested sex tonics and aphrodisiacs which act like natural viagra by increaseing sex drive, and since Spermomax is all natural. It has the advantage of being side effect free.
While Spermomax is a nice alternative to drugs like viagra, dont forget what makes it so unique, and that's it's impressive ability to raise the level of semen which is produced in a mans testicles.

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All because a higher volume in the testicles means more pressure, and that leads to an irresistible need for release, as well as increased distance. All these things resulting in higher libido, more sex drive and porn star finishes.

Producing a larger amount of sperm with an herbal pill is a truly natural and highly effective way to heal erectile dysfunction and increase sex drive, staying power, and all around sexual health. This resulting in an increase in readiness, better orgasms, harder erections, and faster recovery time between sessions. All this and because it's herbal. It comes with absolutely no risk of unwanted side effects

Spermomax was designed and tested in New Zealand by a group of medical professionals specializing in alternative medicines and the science of herbal compounds. This product was created to enable men the ability to increase their sperm volume, erection quality, stamina and overall sexual performance, as well as increase a manís ability to reload quicker "that means less recovery time after climax." This product is perfect for men who are looking for a way to give an already good sex life a boost, or who have problems dealing with impotence and want an all natural pill that is effective, and that can remedy their problems while boost sex drive and virility.

Spermomax is not just for impotence, It's also the recreational sex pill of choice for all men who would like to enhance sperm output and all around sexual performance. or for men who want to achieve a greater feeling of satisfaction while making love.

In a recent survey taken. Over 60% of women between the ages of 21-35 said that they actually like it when a man ejaculates on them, and that when a higher volume of ejaculate was expelled. The more they liked it. they also noted that when a man has an unusually large orgasm. They feel that they were better able to satisfy their partners needs, and that his sexual experience was more gratifying.

Now you can satisfy even the most demanding woman by getting the same pills Professional porn stars use to to increase their sperm load and staying power.

What makes Spermomax increase sexual performance and libido?
among the many active compounds found in spermomax. It contains a potent male sexuality booster called Tribulus Terrestris. Which has been shown to increase male sexual function by raising both sperm and testosterone production. In fact, in recent studies, this one ingredient alone was shown to treat impotence with a 60% success rate, and increase sex drive and the fluid volume and consistency enormously.

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That's right, Spermomax does everything you would expect from a sex pill like viagra or cialis, but it does it all naturally, and with no morning after head ache or other nasty and potentially dangerous side effects.

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Carl, 35 - Arizona
“I tried Spermomax when I realized that I hadn't had a really intense orgasm since I could not remember when. Now every time I climax it feels like I haven't came in months.”

Steve, 34 - WA
After about a week of taking Spermomax I did notice an improvement, although at first it could have been the excitement of the possibility. Then after a month or so there was such a huge improvement I wondered why no one else had ever told me about these pills before. Now after about a year and a half of taking sperm pills I can reach orgasm and shoot strong healthy cum loads 2-3 times in an hour, and I can keep repeating the process all day!

Carl, 35 - New Zealand
“My wife and I have been trying to have a baby. When my wife went to the fertility clinic the doc told her she was fine and suggested that I come in for a check up. I was devastated when the doctor told me that I was almost completely infertile and the chances of us conceive were almost non existent.
Well.. You are not going to believe this, and our doc didn't either, but I started taking Spermomax a few months ago and now my wife is pregnant with twins! Spermomax really has changed my life and I cant thank you guys enough.”

Matty, 28 - UK
“Hi, Spermomax is such an awesome product I wish I could tell everyone about it. Unfortunately it doesn't make the best dinner conversation, although oddly enough my girl friend doesn't mind bragging to her friends about my newly enhanced performance..On the second thought, maybe this is one secret I want to keep to my self, we can't have everyone shooting loads like like Peter North ”

Brian, 58 - NY
“My semen volume had decreased after my vasectomy as did the force of my ejaculation. Some of this can be attributed to my age, but I really feel the procedure had a significant effect that was definitely NOT as advertised. As an added burden I take antidepressants which have a known side effect of reducing sex drive. A few months ago I decided to get some Spermomax. After they arrived I took one and in less than an hour my libido had gone though the roof! Now after taking these for a couple of months I feel I have the sexual vitality of a man 30 years younger. and yes my sperm volume has also increased enormously.”
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Spermomax is a sex pills designed mainly for recreational use. For men who want to improve their love life and sexual pleasure while achieving a better climax. With Spermomax you can Shoot load after load that will make her jaw drop.

These pills increase the testicular volume and both sperm count and semen production. Spermomax also improves sperm density and the flavor of your cum, while at the same time improving the texture by making it smooth and silky yet thick at the same time and preventing sperm clotting or “chunky sperm ” All this and many more bonuses!

Never before have these potent aphrodisiacs and herbal ingredients been combined into one formula

This formula contains Tribulus Terrestris, a potent testosterone booster and well known herb which is used for its benefits in assisting male health and virility. Other uses include body building and endurance training.

Another potent ingredient included in Spermomax is extracted from the roots of Mucuna pruriens and Asparagus racemosus.

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  1. Produce more sperm volume
  2. Increase sex drive and virility
  3. Improve semen flavor
  4. Decreases waiting time between orgasms

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